Pro/E Tips collected from many Pro/E Users

Accuracy according to need
Centerline in Sketcher
Colors of cuts are different than model color
Constrain an arc by its length
Constructing a hexagon with one dimension
Creating arc lengths
Cross sections of a surface
Curvature Continuity
Curves created between two points
Custom Cross Hatchings
Datum Curve Two Projections
Def_Layers Options
Density parameters
Determining the Accuracy of an IGES File
Dim Cosmetics Removal
Drawing Mode Background Color
Erase Drawing Scale
Exploded Views Frequent Asked Questions
family table instance retrieval time
Fixing the Index of BOM
Helical Curves
How are ordinate dimensions created
How do you connect multiple datum curves on different planes
How to automatic add a color to machined features in a casting
How to Knurl
How to make the centerlines on holes angled
how to prompt for input in a part
Importing AutoCad sketches to a Cosmetic Feature
Importing STEP Files
Instance Accelerator Files
Instance to generic on drawing
Instance to generic
Large Assembly Configuration File for Fast Regens
Line Styles
Mass property family table instances
Math Relations
Method to Remove a Relational Reference From a Part to an Assembly
Model tree with narrow width 2000i2
Modify Text Mapkey
Move your dimensions
Network Mapped Drives
Ordinate Dims
Outputting Pro
Override Dimensions
Part Accuracy
Passing down Parameters
Perimeter Dimension
Piping Centerline Elimination in Detail Mode
Previously saved with display
Purging old symbols
Recreating Assemblies in ProMechanism
References to additional 3
Remote Directory Lists Are Slow
Round a Decimal
Saving an Excel File Such That it can Be Brought Into a Pro-ENGINEER Drawing as a Table
Search Paths
Setting Datum Layers
Setting menu_def
Signature on Pro drawing
Skeletons and Family Tables
Slow thru Network
Summary of Updating Drawing-dtl
Symbol Palette
System Color File
Time and Date stamp on plot
To Create a Variable Section Sweep
Trail files help
Troubleshooting Surfaces
Use default template check mark
Variable Section Sweep-2
Variable section sweep
Vertical Balloons
View indicators
Views self reorient
Wave Spring
What is evalgraph
Which version of Pro

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