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1. Bearings
Ball bearing, Radial sphere bearing, etc.

2. Containers
Kettle, Boxes, Bottles, etc.

3. Electrical Components
Connectors, BNC Cap, BNC Bulkhead, etc.

4. Electronics and Computers
Telephone, TVs, Computer Monitor, Mouse, Speaker, Woofer, Solenoids, Calculator, Electric Guitar, Fan Grill, PDA, etc.

5. Fasteners
Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers, Rivets, etc.

6. Fittings, Hydraulic and Seals
Face Seals, Hyraulic, Solder, Weld, O-Rings, etc.

7. Fixtures
Clamps, Brackets, Chucks, Modulars, etc.

8. Gears
Worm, Helical, Spur, Bevel, Chain sprocket, Differential gear, etc.

9. Household Items
TVs, TV Cabinet, Toaster, Adjustable Arm Lamp, Flower Pot, Flip-Flop footwear, Backyard Kids Club-House, etc.

10. Humans
Females:5-50-95 percentile and Males:5-50-95 percentile, Little Boy, Other humans, etc.

11. Mechanism Models
Crankshaft mechanism, Crane mechanism, Hinges, Moving Switch, Piston Engine, Slide Valve Piston Pump, Universal Joint, Eccentrics, etc.

12. Safety Signs
Safety Signs to prevent injuries, etc.

13. Science Fiction
Yoda, Battle Droid, Star Trek Enterprise, etc.

14. Springs
Extension, Compression, Elliptical, Wave, Torsion, etc.

15. Tools
Hammer, Pipe wrench, Drill bits, Vice, Screw Driver, Allen wrench, Crane, Crane Hook, etc.

16. Toys and Sports
Pekkle, Soccer Ball, Superman Shield, etc.

17. Vehicles, Engines and Propulsion
Cars, Bicylcle, Trucks, Hummers, Airplanes, Boats, Tires, Rims, Aircraft Engine, Piston, Fan, Propeller, Engine Casting, etc.

18. Weapons
Pistol, Walther PPK, Toy Gun, etc.

19. Wires and Cables
Telefone cable, Wire Harness, Double Helix, Helical Coil With Variable Section Sweep, Cable Super Sweep, Twisted Wire Bundle, etc.

20. Miscellaneous

All ProE model files are free.
Most of these files have been donated by the ProE community and they belong to all of us.
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